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Which security credentials and standarts a VDR should have

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The virtual data rooms give secure data exchange and storage in a private corporate cloud, or within the perimeter of the organization. The virtual data room is your own safe for putting away corporate data, from which nobody can take anything, staying undetected. Each endeavour, each activity is recorded and checked. 

Data room security standards

Unlike FTP, which is used to transmit information in an unprotected form, VDR data exchange is based on the E2E encryption principle using secure transport protocols SSL or TLS. It ensures maximum security of data exchange between the server and the agent, protecting them from MITM attacks.

The uniqueness of the MitraSoft solution lies in the integration of the virtual data room providers with DRM protection of documents. It, like AD RMS and Oracle IRM, allow you to control access to documents even after they are unloaded from the virtual data room by third parties.

In which organizations is the virtual data room applicable?

  • Financial sector. Companies that work with critical information are in dire need of secure means of transmission of documents. Besides, control of entrance rights to data for members and outside contractors;
  • Design companies. Such corporations often face a situation when a working group needs to give an introduction to data for a particular period;
  • Communication service providers. Telecom workers need tools to protect user data and label documents in accordance with regulatory requirements;
  • Retail enterprises. Retail organizations need to protect data on the devices of sales agents. In general, the data room is a great choice for top organizations.

Whatever you use to move documents between organization workers or outside counterparties – public cloud or FTP. Today these instruments can be considered obsolete. This is equivalent to placing a record in a work area cabinet; for this situation, there can be no doubt of any insurance of the organization’s information. 

How to comprehend that your organization needs a data room?

  • In the event that you trade specialized particulars, drawings or some other archives of business esteem with workers for hire or clients. 
  • If you need to control the report even after it has effectively been sent and downloaded by an outsider. 
  • If your staff changes every now and again, there is a “turnover” and you need to keep quiet, even from your own partners. 

What openings does the data room give? 

The main benefit that you get with a virtual data room is finished control. Neither FTP nor public stockpiling will actually want to furnish you with such a chance. Utilizing DRM security innovation, it is in your ability to renounce the option to get to a report even after it has effectively been outside the corporate organization. 

The DRM protection component integrated into the virtual data room is a full-fledged analogue of AD RMS. It allows you to protect data throughout the entire life of a document, including after it is unloaded from the virtual data room.

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