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What Should You Do, if Avast Won’t Open

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Avast is a popular antivirus developed by a Czech company and is available on Android, Windows, Mac, iOS. Many users prefer this antivirus in the contract of other famous programs and this is not surprised because it has many advantages. But the error with Avast opening appears sometimes at the users. So, let’s clarify how to overcome the difficulty. 

What is the reason that Avast doesn’t open on Windows? 

The main reasons for this impossibility are:

  • Avast program is damaged.
  • Avast program operation isn’t properly. 

But there are ways to solve the problems and never come back to them. 

What should the user do if Avast doesn’t start on Windows? 

Most often, the reason of Avast opening impossibility on Windows is the Action Center doesn’t recognize the antivirus. 

If it is so, the user will obtain the message with the information that Windows cannot find the antivirus program. But, don’t worry; there are possibilities to solve the problem. It is going to turn on the antivirus and reactivate it again for its recognition by Windows 10. So:

  • Tap on Avast symbol.
  • Move to Control Panel and select Disable on 10 minutes.
  • Turn on it again.

This instruction will assist to recognize Avast on PC. 

Way 2 is to repair Avast antivirus

This is the second way to solve the problem and repair the Avast program. So, you should follow the instruction: 

– Enter as the administrator account because in other cases it will be impossible to delete the program.

– Tap on the Start menu and visit Control Panel.

– Choose View as: Category and tap on Uninstall a Program.

– Place Avast in Control Panel and tap on Repair. 

– The window will ask to confirm the process.

Make a clean installation

This solution will also help to decide the problem. So, it is needed to load the newest variant of antivirus by visiting the official site of the company. After the download, disconnect from the networks and enter the Safe Mode. Then move to the Boot icon in the system configuration and tap on Safe Boot with the OK button and reactivate the system. Visit the Avast Uninstall Utility where you have downloaded the antivirus. If the installation was the default folder, you should simply leave it. Tap on Remove option and restart the program by booting in the normal startup. 

If the antivirus doesn’t start, the user can use the methods, proposed to fix the antivirus update problems. Avast antivirus doesn’t require a registration key anymore. 

Bottom line

Avast antivirus doesn’t open because: it is damaged or its installation isn’t in a proper way but it is very simple to solve the problems. 

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