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Sweatcoin Pays You to Get Fit


Sweatcoin is a free iPhone application that launched on May 5, 2016. Thanks to the GPS-navigator and the built-in accelerometer in the smartphone, the application reads data on the user’s physical activity and rewards him by adding a virtual currency – “Sweatcoin”. Later, it can be used to buy gadgets, sports, and fitness equipment, pay for services and goods in more than 300 different stores and partner clubs. Thus, the idea behind the functionality of the app is to encourage people to become more mobile and active.

Sweatcoin became the leader of AppStore applications among American users at the beginning of this month. Currently, only Google Arts & Culture is in the global TOP above the service, which allows you to compare users’ faces with characters from paintings and other art objects from museums in more than 70 countries.

The Sweatcoin project was implemented not only in the United States, but the application is also available to residents of the UK and Ireland. Due to the attracted investments of several million dollars, the company now intends to significantly expand its geography, covering many European and Asian countries.

How does it work

The application works as follows: for every 1000 steps the user is credited with one “Sweatcoin”. The currency can be accumulated: thus, 45,000 steps give you 45 “Sweatcoin”, for which you can buy yoga training in one of the program’s partner clubs, 200 “Sweatcoin” allow you to purchase a fitness tracker from “Fitbag”, and for 300 “Sweatcoin” The user will be able to become the owner of a pair of shoes from “Vivobarefoot”. Sweatcoin hack can help to get a better result, but for now, there are no guaranteed ways.

Interestingly, the Sweatcoin application uses rather sophisticated verification algorithms that will not allow you to fool the iPhone by simply shaking it: the application checks the user’s activity and geo-location data for the most accurate calculation of steps. The presentation of the application for the Android platform is planned soon.

Now the startup is also negotiating with various companies and working on the development of a corporate proposal when for the steps taken, users will be “credited” with additional days off or a healthy lunch at the workplace. In the first months after the launch of “Sweatcoin”, over 20,000 people installed the application, and about 10,000 used it daily. By the way, more than 70% of users continue to use it after the first month after installation.

Proposals for startup investments began to come in after Sweatcoin ranked # 1 on the US App Store with over 5 million registered users in less than a year. This app is a rather useful solution for life. According to the statistics, it has encouraged many people to live more active, healthy, and productive lives.

The main idea of the app is rather life-oriented. It cares about health because it helps to turn physical activity into real value for millions of people. Some of these people couldn’t find the push for years.

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