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Quizizz Hack: The Way to Use App Fully


Probably any teacher has heard about this application, even if he has not used it personally. Clockwork music, bright rectangles of answers, PIN-code, which is presented by the teacher from his computer and which must be entered when entering the site. And you’re in the game.

What is Quizizz and why is it good?

With Quizizz, you can:

  • Introduce a new topic. Quizizz is a great way to find out what your students know/remember about a topic;
  • Practice what you have already learned. You will never again see your group of teenagers begging you to practice the passive voice again. With Quizizz, your students will have a tremendous thirst for knowledge;
  • Track the progress of students. Use post-game reports to see how well your students have mastered the material.

Use Quizizz to vote, create polls, collect student feedback, and use for further discussions.

How it works

Create your own on the topic you need. You can either take suggestions from a tutorial to brush up on a boring gap fill or multiple choice assignment or create something creative.

Use the ones you like created by other users. Considering the millions of participants, you can find something to your liking on any topic.


  • Students can use any device with Internet access: phone, tablet, laptop, or computer;
  • The number of participants is unlimited, and you can play either alone or in a team;
  • You can include photos and videos in tasks;
  • You can choose the pace of the tasks yourself, which means you can vary it depending on the speed of your group.


  • Questions are visible only on the teacher’s screen, children have only rectangles with geometric shapes, which means that if you have a large group, you will need a projector;
  • Sometimes the game can glitch in the process, and the departing participant will be offended;
  • First, when starting a quiz in the classroom, students answer questions at their own pace and are independent of the speed of other participants’ responses;
  • Second, the quiz created in Quizizz can be scheduled. This means that it can be offered as homework. Although Quizizz has added this option to its functionality;
  • Thirdly, it is possible to remove the “time” parameter, and then the student can think about the question without worrying about the running away seconds. It also makes it possible to read a paragraph of a textbook, a chapter of a book, or google the necessary information while answering a question.

Quizizz in academic work

With this tool you can:

  • support the learning and teaching process;
  • hold games and quizzes;
  • organize competitions;
  • conduct a test;
  • do your homework;
  • track the results of each student;
  • provide automatic feedback to each student.

How to run a student test? To run the test in class, open your test and click Play Live! When using the quiz as homework, select Homework.

How to track test results?

In Live mode (when the test is performed in the classroom), monitoring is instant. The teacher sees the progress of each student. In Homework mode, the test results will be visible in the My Reports tab.

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