Prodigy Hack: The Way to Get More Benefits from the Game

Prodigy Hack: The Way to Get More Benefits from the Game

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Heroes Rise: The Prodigy is a text-based RPG adventure set in a fantastic setting. In the game, you will find yourself in an amazing world where superheroes have become real celebrities, and you, too, the dream of joining them. But to get into the team, you will first need to deal with the gangs, fight deadly rivals, choose a worthy assistant and prove to all the inhabitants of the Millennium that you are a real hero.

In the fantasy world of Tacis, you can only survive by relying on Manu. But this magical energy has become scarce over time, and constant wars have completely endangered life on the planet. But there is an idea – some legendary creatures sleep in eternal sleep, hiding in their hearts the source of mana. But here’s the bad luck – only a select few can wake up these creatures and save the life of all races.

Details of the game

Competitive battles put two teams of two players facing each other in a classic arena. Each team can freely move around 3×4 squares – while one side prepares an attack, the other set up a defense or contemplates a counterattack. Positioning on the map becomes a key component of combat as it affects the strength of the attack.

The game is based on a Chinese board game, which makes the matches very similar to the resolution of the conflict between the tin soldiers. Two phalanxes of armed creatures are located on opposite sides of the field. They cannot leave the boundaries of their cells, but the player is free to rearrange them in any order during his turn. One hero and several ordinary units are under control.

They are divided into three types: attack, defense, and support. The first ones know how to counterattack, the second ones cover the ally with a shield, and the third ones restore health. During endless reflections, the warlord issues orders to the soldiers. Those can fight, or perform an additional action.

Each of the five available heroes has a unique ability that is charged throughout the battle. A fanged orc, for example, throws a huge ax and deals damage to an enemy. The quirky elf grants followers a passive parry effect. And they probably won’t take damage, even if they weren’t defending. Character stats affect the performance of creatures in the deck. The combat type increases strength, the defensive type increases defense, and the support types add health points.

Tactic Features

In Prodigy Tactics, the battle is reduced to a chaotic arrangement of fighters and constant healing of team members. Despite the bonuses received by the pieces on the same line, the players are in no hurry to substitute themselves for massive blows. And online in multiplayer mode is extremely small. Lack of tactical techniques, special skills, and maps led to the fact that in tactical combat you need to invite friends to try new tricks with them.

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