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OneNote Online: Save Your Ideas


If you are a busy person, you have many projects of tasks and plans, then you just need a convenient notebook that will allow you to keep your notes, so as not to fix everything in your mind. And if earlier people used mainly ballpoint pens and paper notebooks, then in the digital age there are many software solutions. One of them is practical OneNote Online.

Single repository of information

The main goal of creating OneNote Online is to store information in one place. After all, it’s better when everything is capaciously structured and you know where what is recorded than when some of the information is recorded in stickers, part in a notebook, part – you don’t remember where.

As you understand, OneNote is one document where all the data is stored. This is a program that provides cloud storage, respectively, it automatically synchronizes with the server. One notebook for all data. One repository of information.

OneNote Online notes are on OneDrive and automatically sync with the server. Therefore, the information stored in OneNote cannot be lost with your gadget. Just go to OneNote on any computer with your account, and you will get access to all your notes

Ways to save information

You can send information to OneNote Online in many different ways:

  • In the application itself, you can write, draw, place files.
  • Find photos on the Internet and put them in OneNote without leaving the program.
  • Use the camera to add photos.
  • Use a microphone to add audio recordings.
  • Use Email to OneNote to place emails and their attachments in OneNote.
  • Using Send to OneNote Online, send to OneNote the contents of any documents from any program through the Print menu.
  • Use Web Clipper to place web pages from One’s browser on OneNote.
  • Using the OneNote icon on your smartphone to create notes without starting the application itself and even on a locked screen.
  • Use Office Lens to take photos of documents and place them on OneNote with cropped extra margins and an aligned perspective.
  • Using Zapier, automatically create notes from various applications according to specified algorithms.

With this list, ways to put information on OneNote are not limited to. But from it, it is clear that all paths lead to OneNote.


OneNote Online has a huge number of useful features that cannot be described in one article. A whole book has been written for this. For example, we’ll name a few interesting features of OneNote.

Unlike many programs in OneNote Online, you can write and arrange images and shapes anywhere on the page. You can change the color of text, shapes, and pages.

OneNote Online has a built-in calculator. For example, if you write in 5 + 4 = [space], the program will automatically replace the space with the number “9”. The advantage over a conventional calculator is that the calculation history is saved on the page.

You can create spoilers on pages, that is, hide part of the content below the line. This is convenient when there is a lot of different information on the page.

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