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Noteflight as One of the Best Online Music Notation Software

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Noteflight is a real gift for musicians and anyone who loves and makes music. This is a simple and convenient smart program that not only allows you to record and distribute music in notes but even plays the recording from any connected device.

Now, this application is considered one of the best, is very popular and is rapidly expanding the audience. And frankly, Noteflight has a number of advantages for which the service is deservedly praised.

What kind of service is this?

Noteflight was created as a functional program for creating and editing music and is in demand among professional musicians as well as among beginners or students of music academies.

This service provides users with a convenient panel of 16 tools for composing and editing music. You can combine compositions of wind and percussion instruments, strings and keyboards. In addition to instruments, the user can set octaves and keys, so that only you decide how your composition should sound on this or that instrument.

How to work on this program

To work with the service you need the Internet because this is a browser application that works through the Flash extension. A mobile application has not yet been created, but developers will soon provide the opportunity to use Noteflight via a mobile browser with HTML5 support.

Not just making music?

Noteflight provides an opportunity not only to create a composition. The user has complete freedom of action:

  • making notes
  • adding lyrics for songs
  • annotation
  • adjusting the parameters of the compositions
  • personal data entry

Not to mention the huge amount of useful training materials, video guides on YouTube, practical tips, and so on. Not every online application provides so many features.

Share with friends, protect authorship

Noteflight prompts the user to choose what to do with his composition. So, you can protect your creation with copyrights, and you can share the composition with friends, send music for evaluation to your mentor.

License Benefits

Like many other services, Noteflight can provide a licensed version of the program. The paid package offers advanced features for the user:

  • about 50 high-quality tool options
  • printout of compositions
  • audio mixing panel
  • available templates and the ability to create it

Such functions may interest a professional composer. For a beginner, a free version with basic options will be quite enough.

A unique service for those who love music

Noteflight is a unique program, and there is no service similar to it yet. Perhaps this makes the service the best for learning music and creating compositions. Another property of uniqueness lies in the fact that it allows you to create compositions without synthesizers, simulators and other additional properties. You make music – it plays it on your device.

Final thoughts

So, Noteflight is a great option for those who are looking for a suitable service to study music, especially the traditional style. The user can practice creating a composition, learn to combine keys and octaves and share his composition.

A small minus of this service is that it is not a synthesizer, and may seem confusing in terms of tools. However, for a better understanding of this application, the developers have created informative videos where you can understand the functions of the service and learn how to use it faster.

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