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MyVidster: Collect All the Videos You Love


YouTube is the progenitor of platforms for downloading, publishing and sharing videos, and this is obvious. Thanks to this, it is not at all necessary to watch TV, buy any channels, or issue a paid subscription to Netflix or other giant video content. Just register on your favorite video platform and watch what you love. One such platform is MyVidster and we will talk about it.


MyVidster – video without filters

At first glance, MyVidster may seem like YouTube. People register here, create profiles, upload favorite videos, share them, save and review in their profiles.

This is where the similarities between MyVidster and YouTube end. Unlike its “big brother”, this platform provides much more platform. There is no censorship, and the user is given maximum freedom. You can even upload the adult video here, which is not possible on many video platforms.

Such a decision is preferred by a rather narrow circle of people, that is, those who want more freedom and do not like restrictions and censorship. Filtering by categories or other parameters will allow you to choose your favorite topic, and the ability to share any video will allow you to share experiences with friends.


Safety and reliability

We did not find any negative reviews about MyVidster. The platform has an official website, with a high rating. According to the analysis of site rating services, the rating is 91 points out of 100 possible. It indicates a high rate.

Also, the platform offers well-developed applications for Android and Apple. For the iOS system, the program is available in AppleStore, and as for the Android platform, you can easily find it on the Play Market.


MyVidster Basic Requirements

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.
  • Installing the application through the APK file requires activating the “Unknown sources” function in Settings> Applications.

As for Apple, just go to AppStore, find the program and download. The application does not harm the device if you download it from trusted sources.

MyVidster Features

This platform allows no less than any other platform with multimedia content:

  • add and upload video
  • tabbed
  • forward video to friends
  • add comments
  • subscribe and unsubscribe
  • find existing videos from the internet

In a fairly short time, MyVidster gained great popularity and became one of the visited resources on the Internet.


Watch unlimited videos from MyVidster

In short, MyVidster is a great platform for those who want to be independent of the rules, censorship, restrictions, and so on. But this does not mean that this service is only for those who like to watch adult videos or something forbidden. It’s just that you can download what you like and not prove to Google that you are old enough to watch it or that you are not violating anyone’s rights. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone here. This is freedom thanks to MyVidster.

The platform is designed thoughtfully: user-friendly interface, simple rules, functional applications, a reliable site with a high rating. Therefore, do not be afraid to be banned, limited or confused about something, register on the platform and watch what you like.

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