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Latest Technology 2019: HGTV Smart Home

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HGTV Smart Home is a master at creating smart interiors. Every year the company presents new solutions in design and interior technology. 2019 proved to be very productive in terms of creative ideas. Of the new products, HGTV Smart Home has presented an amazing kitchen design developed using advanced technologies. And we will talk about the outstanding features of the latest creations of the creative studio un the review.

Efficient smart kitchen

One of the most outstanding solutions from HGTV Smart Home is the unique design of an efficient kitchen. The solution is designed to make the cooking process enjoyable and relaxed. The design combines elements of vintage, rural, hi-tech. The main elements of decor and interior are presented in the form of:

  • church style benches
  • yellow round poufs
  • Parson-style plaid chairs
  • fridge with french style doors
  • practical and technological sink

And for added comfort, the kitchen is equipped with an additional pantry, with open shelving. The design was developed by Tiffany Brooks, a specialist, and founder of the design studio in Chicago.

Innovation and Features

Smart technology is a key feature of the kitchen design solution. To begin with, the selected hardwood from Talon was used for the manufacture. This means that the flooring from this company lasts 4 years longer than similar products.

The user can regulate the heating of the kitchen and air purification simply using a smartphone or a control panel on the wall, where functions for the room temperature are available.

A stylish kitchen sink has also been created technologically. HGTV Smart Home created it with a contactless hinged tap and three bowls with graduated levels.

Lighting is provided by two individual luminaires, which the user can adjust as he sees fit. The intelligent lighting function allows the user to create the perfect setting for any occasion: family dinner, romantic dinner, party and so on.

And this is not to mention the environmental friendliness and safety of the materials that were used to create this unique solution.

Environmental friendliness and safety

One of the main trends in modern technology is environmental safety. And HGTV Smart Home has placed high stakes on preserving the environment. Therefore, the choice fell on such a manufacturer as Talon.

Speaking about this company, it is worth noting that this team creates wood with full responsibility and an understanding of the importance of maintaining a clean environment. Therefore, wood processing is used using FSC-certified processes and waste-free production. For example, even sawdust after processing wood is collected and processed into the brick.

The windows are also designed with energy-efficient insulating glass to minimize losses, and skylights with smart functions control the temperature, provide daylight and freshness of the air without loss of heat and energy consumption. So, the interior is notable for two properties: stability and manufacturability.

Style and comfort from HGTV Smart Home

The company always knew a lot about creating truly exquisite interiors with unique properties. And this year, a real success received a unique interior of a smart kitchen, combining the styles of the Old World, rural, vintage, and technologies that are immediately unobtrusively entered.

The smart kitchen has a soft color palette and useful features:

  • intelligent lighting
  • practical sink
  • reliable windows

HGTV Smart Home made sure the homeowner feels comfortable and warm. Therefore, heat loss during ventilation is excluded here. And of course, one cannot fail to note the environmental friendliness and safety of materials for users and the environment, because the manufacturer of flooring is one of the leaders in Talon hardwood processing.

Enjoy a truly thought-out interior solution with HGTV Smart Home, a studio that knows a lot about harmony, interior design, and technology.

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