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HP Chromebook vs Surface Laptop: What is the Winner?


Looking for a good laptop, and you are wondering which is the best? Of particular note are the HP Chromebook and Surface Laptop. These are excellent models: modern, functional and each of them deserves special attention. But which of them is the best? We will help you understand the properties and choose the perfect option.

HP Chromebook: Benefits and Features

Windows offers a model with flexible features and fast functionality. HP Chromebook quickly launches programs, the Internet browser works quickly and without failures, and the settings allow you to optimize the work with maximum user convenience.

Brief characteristics of HP Chromebook:

  • Resolution – 1366 x 768px
  • RAM – 4 GB
  • RAM speed – 111ppi
  • pixel density – 1600MHz
  • weight – 1714.6g
  • battery life – 9h
  • built-in memory – 32GB
  • screen size – 14 “

HP Chromebook is a great laptop to work with, especially with photo and video editors. Chrome provides the model with a variety of useful software and allows you to customize it as you wish. It will be especially pleasant for him to work for those who constantly have to take the device with them on a trip or on business trips. And of course, this is a great device for students.

But if you need a device for games, then definitely you should choose something more powerful. And then Microsoft Surface comes to your aid.

Microsoft Surface: Why It’s A Great Choice

A model with the Windows operating system, namely Microsoft Surface, will be excellent for gamers. The system is more optimized, works much faster, does not spend a lot of resources and lasts longer.

You can not worry that updates will slow down the system – it occurs in quiet mode and does not affect the operation of the computer. In addition, Windows takes care of the security of the user, protecting his data on the Internet and offline.

Of the features, Microsoft Surface offers the following qualities:

  • Resolution – 2496 x 1664px
  • RAM – 32 GB
  • RAM speed – 201 ppi
  • pixel density – 2400MHz
  • weight – 1540 g
  • battery life – 11h
  • built-in memory – 1000GB
  • screen size – 15 “

In terms of functionality, this device is certainly impressive.

Versus summary: HP Chromebook is functional, Surface is powerful

If we consider these devices in terms of surfing the Internet, security, usability, and practicality, these two solutions are equal.

Microsoft provides many useful features to choose from; the HP Chromebook is an entire store of diverse applications. However, in terms of power and features, Microsoft wins, because it has:

  • 3.96x higher resolution
  • 28GB more RAM
  • 1.81x higher pixel density
  • 800MHz higher ram speed
  • 172.6g lighter
  • 2.5x longer battery life
  • 968GB more internal storage
  • 7.14% bigger screen size

HP Chromebook possesses is a good solution, because it is a simple and convenient laptop, works great with Chrome, offers many available functions, and copes well with different games.

But if it comes to a laptop with PC features, then Microsoft offers more freedom. Also, it provides a choice of several browsers: Microsoft Edge, Opera, Chrome, Mozilla.

In any case, these are two worthy solutions that will help you in your work, and they will please you with a clear screen and high-quality standards.

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