Google Pixel Buds A-Series review

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When buying Google Pixel Buds, many are faced with such a problem that they may come across as a fake. It is clear that once you buy them in the underpass, you will be more than sure that they are fake. But when you buy them on a trusted site like eBay, many sellers may pass it off as the original. It even happens that fake Apple headphones are included with the iPhone if you buy a smartphone from your hands.

Google Pixel Buds: Fake or Original?

Sometimes the seller keeps the original headphones for himself. Stay vigilant when making such a big purchase. If you want to get a high-quality and genuine product, then buy it from official suppliers. This article will help you distinguish fake from original headphones.

The packaging of the original Pixel Buds looks neat, without visible defects. By highlighting the Apple logo, you can see that an evenly lit area will be formed around it. There should be no gaps or dots on the logo. The packaging of fake headphones will be of poor quality, there are gaps on it. The logo is either inaccurate or absent altogether. And, most likely, the packaging will be opened, without polyethylene.

  1. Quality of material and inscriptions.

The original headphones have perfectly processed edges, the joints are almost invisible or barely perceptible. They have a smooth gloss without roughness. The quality of the fake is poor. Defects are visible to the naked eye.

  1. Sound quality.

In the originals, if you start listening to good composition, in which there are low frequencies, drums, and basses, then you can feel the jolts of air. Thus, the sound becomes richer, you do not feel unnecessary pressure in the ear canal. Fake headphones sound disgusting. The sound quality is very low.

In original EarPods, the wire is of high quality. Soft, matte, won’t smudge, tangle or break. Even at the lowest temperatures, the wire does not lose its flexibility. Fake earbuds have low-quality insulation, glossy, and smooth surface. The wire is brittle and dulls at low temperatures.

The Review of Google Pixel Buds

The speaker grilles of the original buds are dark, non-shiny, dense, and have no gaps. When cleaning the headphones, they do not bend. In a fake, there may be gaps, dark blue lattices, shiny. When cleaning, fake earbuds give way, which indicates poor quality and something is 100% fake. If google pixel won’t turn on, do the information above one more time.

The originals do not have a certain range, the sound is calm and even. The fake will sound poor, there are no frequencies. But if the failure occurs on the iPhone 7 model A1660 7 Plus A1661, the reason may be a faulty modem. The smartphone loses the network, activation flies when you try to reset the settings. In these models, the factory defect of Qualcomm modems. In this case, a repair procedure will be required – resoldering the modem or modem power controller.

With the advent of the iPhone, a new history of mobile phones began. Everything said about the iPhone is not an exaggeration, and this smartphone does have many advantages. One of the advantages of this gadget is the scratch-resistant display.

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