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32gb RAM Laptop: Everything That You Need to Know About Laptops

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The market of random access memory (RAM) for laptops is currently represented by a huge number of manufacturers. So on sale, you can find RAM from well-known companies, for example, Samsung, Kingston, Hynix, Corsair; and RAM from less well-known manufacturers, for example, Nanya, GoodRam, Crucial, Team, Transcend, Kingmax. In the old days, when buying RAM, it played the role of manufacturer compatibility, but now it practically does not matter, even though there are certainly precedents of incompatibility and just in case it is better to use RAM from one manufacturer.

And the point is that it is most optimal to take RAM from manufacturers who themselves produce memory chips that are used for their products. There are several reasons for this.

First, when buying Samsung, for example, you can clearly understand that the full production cycle was carried out under the control of Samsung itself. And thus it is somewhat easier to assess the quality, at least somehow subjectively expected. Since buying just a trademark, it is impossible to know for sure who was engaged in production.

The second important point is that the cost of the purchased RAM will include the profitability of only the manufacturer, and not the manufacturer and brand. And if this does not always make the RAM directly cheap, as in the example of the same Samsung, then at least it guarantees that probably a larger percentage of the cost was put into production, and not promotion, for example.

You can, of course, buy RAM from brands, with a probability of 99% there should not be any problems with it, just being guided by this principle, you can easily weed out a significant part of manufacturers, guided by a completely objective criterion.

What is the best RAM when choosing a laptop

To begin with, I must say that the current laptop market is presented in the form of devices that run on DDR3L or DDR4. It is easy to guess that DDR3L is the third generation of RAM, and DDR4 is the fourth. As with any other hardware in the series, the “newer – better” rule works here, but you need to understand that the conditional 20% additional performance will cost about 30% of the additional cost, and this is if you compare only the cost of the memory itself. And the increase in performance may be practically insignificant if the processor is budget or the tasks performed by the laptop are not capacious. If you need high performance: modern games, high-volume tasks like video processing – DDR4 can be considered as the best RAM for a laptop.

How to choose RAM for a laptop

The first thing to remember when buying memory for a laptop – SO-DIMM, is precisely the form factor or size, in other words, RAM for laptops. Further, when choosing a memory, in addition to its manufacturer and generation itself, there are also a couple of parameters that can affect its choice. The shortest description of any RAM looks like DDR3L-1600 or DDR4-1866. Where the first part is the generation, the second is the memory frequency, in other words, the speed of its operation. And as for the frequency, everything is quite simple: more is better.

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