3 Steps For Smooth & Secure Virtual data room System Integration

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Virtual Data Rooms is a unique web repository for business data used by even the largest and most popular companies. As a rule, implementing a new tool in your system requires special attention to successfully integrate it into the system and get used to using it, but the developers of VDR tried to implement their program as easily and simply as possible. In this article, we will tell you how to set up your data room smoothly in three steps. 

Choose a virtual data room vendor

For your VDR implementation to be truly successful, you first need to choose the right vendor to meet all of your requirements. The data room market is crowded with different applications, so you need to carefully examine all their advantages and disadvantages. Decide on the purpose for which you are acquiring a VDR and based on that, select several vendors that offer the services you need. Then, you can use VDR review sites or VDR comparison tables to examine them in detail. This way you can make sure that this is not a paid advertisement for some vendor and that all reviews are strictly objective. 

Once you’ve successfully selected and purchased a data room, it’s up to you to set it up properly and invite users there. There are a couple of options here, if your vendor offers advanced support services, you can go there right away for help and training, but if not, we’ll tell you what to do next. 

Create groups and add new users

These steps are extremely easy to do. Though each data room has its interface, the main configuration functions are plus or minus the same. We will consider how to add users in the space using the example of DealRoom, since it’s the best virtual data room for such demonstration, but you can easily find functions with similar names in your room that will mean and work about the same. 

So, on the main page, there is a “groups” tab where owners can set different permissions, also administrators can use it to view individual users in each of the groups. Other users cannot do this, they can only see their team members.

To invite new VDR members, you need to enter their emails into the system. After that, your employees or potential customers/partners will receive an SMS with an invitation to their email. All he has to do is enter the necessary information. 

To allow you to create a new group, click on the plus sign next to the “groups” tab and give it a name. You also have the full right to rename and delete groups. 

Set permissions 

As mentioned earlier, all permissions are set under the “groups” tab, where you can allow and restrict access to documents, accept requests, etc. The permissions to access any files are done at the group level. 

The permissions are divided into four levels from which you can choose one, these levels include: 

  • Review- users are not allowed anything except to view the document + also with a watermark
  • Download – users are allowed to download and print documents with a watermark
  • Download original- documents can be downloaded and printed without a watermark
  • Edit – the function that gives you full control, you can interact with the document as you want, even delete and rename it
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